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Why your business needs SEO

If you own a company and need to improve your audience, understand how important it is to design a digital marketing strategy and why your company needs SEO.

If you still don’t know what SEO is, don’t worry that we will explain it to you in the best possible way, so that you can understand how this mechanism works and why your company needs SEO.

What is SEO?

If you don’t know what SEO is, we will explain it now, stay tuned throughout the article so you can understand why your company needs SEO.

SEO is a set of actions that are done to put your company in a better position in relation to Google links. That is, when an internet user searches for something related, your link will be one of the first to appear.

We do not need to say that when you have a better page on Google, your company will have a higher traffic of visitors, increasing your audience more and more.

Check now 5 reasons why your company needs SEO

Now that you have managed to understand a little more about what SEO is, we are going to introduce you to seven advantages of adhering to this type of marketing strategy, and how it can improve your company.

  • Democratize access

Your company, website, blog or web page does not need to be big, have high investments or even be famous, with SEO, everyone can reach the top of Google.

What is different from paid ads, where most of the time those who do better are those who have capital for investment. This doesn’t happen with SEO, making it easier for Google to democratize.

  • Higher number of visits to your website

We call it a funnel phase when we select an audience to which our site is directed. Within this stage, the first attraction phase has as its huge supporter organic traffic.

This type of traffic is increased when SEO strategies are used correctly and end up generating better placement of publications within Google.

Thus, the better you are positioned, the greater the traffic of visitors within your page, since 30% of Internet users access only the first placed Google.

  • Quality traffic

The Google engine will only recommend your site, blog or page, if it is compatible with the search of the Internet user, thus, most of the visits on your site will be from people who are looking for something you have to offer.

This step is extremely important, as those who are showing interest in this type of content are already accessing your site, making it easier for you to interact with the Internet user.

  • Increase authority

There are two ways to search results, there are those that are paid, and those that are not paid, which we call organic.

When a company that is in the top positions of google, the result of organic results, it automatically has more credibility than paid publications.

After all, almost no one nowadays clicks on ads that appear on Internet pages. This does not detract from the work of those who make advances and paid jobs. It just resumes that SEO increases your credibility and authority.

  • Long-term and continuous return

When you get a good implementation with SEO, you will be able to maintain a return on your investment over a long period of time. Being excellent for those who think long term.

Now that you know the 5 reasons why your company needs SEO, start now to outline a strategic plan.

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