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What is SEO

If you like to know about technologies, the world of digital marketing, a basic thing for you to understand about this whole process is to understand what SEO is.

If you still don’t know what this term means, rest assured that we will answer your questions throughout this article, just follow the reading and stay on top of what SEO is.

The term SEO comes from the English abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization, which means optimization for search engines. We can briefly state that SEO is a collection of techniques to optimize websites, web pages and even blogs.

These optimizations serve to achieve better organic rankings, thus constituting greater traffic and authority for your blog, website or web page.

SEO, we can affirm that it is one of the main strategies for digital marketing, after all everyone aims to appear in the first places of Google searches.

These first positions have the most clicked and visited links by network users, and to tell you the truth, who gets past the first google search page?

We usually find the answers to what we are looking for in the first links, and when that happens, it is not necessary to keep on going link by link, and going to the following pages.

So we can say that SEO is one of the best marketing strategies, allowing you to reach the top positions of Google. That way your blog, online store or website becomes more and more known.

Becoming better known within this platform, your business gains greater authority in the market, in addition to receiving more visitors, ultimately increasing your chances of conversions.

You know what is the advantage of SEO, is that you do not need to invest in media, you can reach the top only with the optimization of your own pages and in relationship with other sites improving the browsing and search experience of users.

Now that you know a little about what SEO is, let’s cover some topics for you to understand how it works and how it can put you in the best Google search positions.

  • After all, what is SEO

Every 1 second, millions of searches are performed on Google simultaneously. Not only on Google, but also on other internet search engines like Yahoo, Bing and others.

In different Google searches, it tries to organize for you the best results according to what was searched for, and people really trust Google.

The first three links are accessed by more or less 30% of users, while only 0.78% of Internet users go to Google’s page 2, that is, a small example, of 100,000 people, 30,000 access the first links, while only 7,800 people move to the second page.

  • What are search engines

Have you ever stopped to think about the whole process that Google does when you type in the search key? So, for him to display the results for you there is a process.

The robots are the ones who organize the links, called Googlebot, tracking links that point to what you’ve searched for, go through a process of finding what you’re looking for and organizing it in Google positions.

  • Google algorithm

Google’s algorithm is just a combination of actions that will define which link ranking is ideal for your search. Hierarchizing the pages to deliver you the most relevant links according to your research.

Now that you know a little more about the marketing process and what SEO is, go deeper into this topic.

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