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Digital marketing is a marketing segment that has already become indispensable for sales today. This is because sales are no longer talked about without considering e-commerce, that is, commerce through digital media. Today we are going to address an important issue which is SEO marketing.

Therefore, SEO marketing is one of the most studied strategies by those working in the sector. Find out how strategies to increase your sales work!

What is SEO Marketing?

We can consider as SEO Marketing all marketing strategies aimed at optimizing a given page on the internet.

In practice, SEO Marketing serves to make an e-commerce page appear among the first ones when a user types a specific search key linked to the product on google or another search site.

This concept has developed many in recent years and is already considered one of the main strategies, among many of digital marketing.

This is because it is already known that the optimization of pages on search engines increases what we call organic traffic, consequently boosting the sales of a website or page.

What is organic traffic

Traffic is the number of hits that a page has at a given time. This traffic can be measured by the website itself or by digital marketing companies.

In the digital marketing segment, especially SEO marketing , traffic is divided between organic traffic and paid traffic.

Organic traffic is traffic in which the user reaches your page only through search engines, that is, typing keywords in google, not counting paid ads that take you to the site.

Paid traffic, as the name says, is the access of people to the page through paid ads on google itself, or on blogs and social networks.

Both forms of traffic can be developed with digital marketing strategies, but ideally, organic traffic should increase and establish itself over an average period of time, that is, a few months.

How to increase organic traffic

Organic traffic can be increased based on several strategies that we call SEO, an abbreviation in English that means search engine optimization.

Thus, the main idea of ​​SEO marketing is to increase organic traffic, placing the page among the best results of search engines.

This is done based on several strategies that are part of this optimization, such as:

  • Use of search keys

The keywords are fundamental for optimizing the pages on the search engines. Thus, SEO marketing analyzes the main keys that are used by users who intend to access your brand or product and insert these searches strategically in the texts of the website.

  • Proper content creation

The creation of the content, in addition to covering the search keys in the correct form and quantity, is also the guarantee of the delivery of a good website or page.

The way in which the text and images will be written and distributed on the page are very important and depend on the segment and objectives of each company.

Thus, a company in the sportswear segment can rely on high-quality texts for information on healthy living, for example, while a health-oriented blog will have another type of writing.

  • Study of accesses, sales funnel and website creation

Most SEO marketing agencies also work with analysis of the sales funnel and create or use their clients’ websites, as these actions are essential to ensure the increase of organic traffic and solidify the company in the world of online commerce.

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