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SEO Expert

SEO expert is nothing more than a professional specialized in increasing your internet sales!

If you have sales pages or a website and want to expand your business and increase your sales, hiring an SEO expert can be an excellent solution!

What is SEO Expert?

The SEO expert is the professional in the segment of digital marketing who works to increase the organic traffic of your page. But what is it, anyway?

Organic traffic is the number of users who access a page on the internet in a given time in a “natural” way, that is, without paid advertisements. They are users who type keywords in google and reach brands, stores and products organically.

It turns out that the more organic traffic a company has, the greater the chances that it will become known and close more sales in shorter periods of time.

To improve this traffic, in other words, so that your company appears among the first ones as soon as users type keywords related to your product, there are specific strategies of digital marketing that we call SEO and this is the job of the SEO expert !

Why is organic traffic important?

Organic traffic is very important for several reasons, among which we can list:

  • Increase your brand reliability

It’s no use! With the competitiveness that currently exists among online companies, when we type a search key on the internet, we tend to believe that the first companies that appear are the most reliable and secure, since they probably appear in the first place because they are more accessed.

Thus, hiring an SEO expert can be an efficient way to guarantee the reliability and respect of your company among competitors and customers.

  • Prevents you from paying for ads

The number of people who visit your page from paid internet ads is called paid traffic. This can be an excellent idea in some periods, such as when you have just created the site and still have no organic traffic.

Ads are also important when you are in the promotion season, when you want to advertise a new product or to leverage specific sales.

However, no one can maintain traffic from people just by paying for ads. In addition to being expensive, the site is not necessarily among the top positions in the ranking.

  • Increase sales

Hiring an SEO expert , in the end, serves to increase sales, which is the goal of those who own e-commerce.

With the right strategies, your website can be better ranked and gain quality organic traffic, which consequently leads to increased sales.

In addition to SEO strategies, once organic traffic is established, it is possible for the SEO expert to analyze your sales funnel, that is, study the behavior of those who access your page, who finalizes the sale and where are the main “holes”, to correct them.

Page load time

Page load time is one of the biggest factors in search abandonment.

The estimated time for the user to leave the page is currently very short and is around 3 seconds.

This is one of the factors most demanded by those who browse the internet in search of products and it is necessary for the SEO expert to develop sites and applications that load fast, otherwise, even if the traffic increases, the page is abandoned because it has slow loading.

As you have seen, there are countless reasons why it became essential to hire an SEO expert every day. Be sure to find a good professional in the field!

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