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SEO strategies have already gained guaranteed space in the world of digital marketing, after all, it is not possible for a company to survive in the digital world or have a successful website without a good positioning on google.

For that to happen, the SEO analyst became a very important professional! Find out what this professional does and how the job market is!

What is SEO

SEO is the abbreviation for Search Engine Optimization. In practice, SEO is a set of strategies to improve the positioning of a particular website or page on google, increasing the traffic of the page in question.

The idea is to place the company as best as possible in the google ranking. For that, the strategies that involve SEO need to know very well the search engines of google and the main search sites and work according to these mechanisms to allocate the page as best as possible.

This is because the most accessed pages are constantly the ones that first appear when we type in a search for a product, merchandise or store. Thus, if the user wants to search for running shoes, for example, obviously the first stores that appear on the search site will be the ones that are most likely to complete the sale.

Main SEO actions

The main actions involving SEO are:

  • Content creation work

The creation of content is very important to place the page among the first in the ranking. The better the text and images are distributed and the keywords are properly contained on the site, the greater the chances of a better ranking on search engines.

  • Keywords

The strategic placement of keywords is part of one of the main SEO strategies. That’s because it is already known that search engines look for keyword searches basically in two ways.

The short tail words are more generic and it is difficult to place a page among the best ranked from those words. For example: “running shoes” is a very generic term and only big stores and brands will appear in the first places of a search like this.

However, for more specific searches, the keywords usually have a long tail, for example, “cheaper running shoes in São Paulo” is a long tail keyword that, if strategically inserted several times in the text of the website , will take anyone who types this search directly to your page.

What the SEO analyst does

Thus, the analyst is SEO is the professional trained to evaluate the best actions and strategies to obtain a better ranking of a page or website.

One of the main duties of this professional is to seek a good placement of the pages with which he works in the organic search, that is, without paid advertisements.

The main functions of the SEO analyst are:

  • Page optimization
  • Website code analysis
  • html
  • Navigations
  • Usability
  • Urls
  • Content assessment
  • Search engines

SEO analyst training

The SEO analyst does not always have specific training in the area, since digital marketing can also be performed by professionals with other training areas.

The most common, however, is that analysts already work with programming or computing or even if they are already connected to the world of digital marketing in some way, either as an analyst, content creator or as part of website development teams.

Now that you know more about the SEO analyst, know that this is a career worth investing in, since the digital world of sales tends to only grow and expand its fields of work and business.

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