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SEO agencies are companies that specialize in improving the placement of pages on search engines. Currently, there is no more talk about digital marketing without considering SEO strategies.

Therefore, we prepare a text with important information you need before hiring an SEO agency.

What is SEO

The SEO agency is among the most sought after companies for those who want to create a website or for those who want to increase customer traffic in their online store. In any case, companies that work with digital marketing and brand promotion on the internet, currently undergo strategies that we call SEO.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, which translated is optimization for search engines. In practice, SEO are the strategies used to make the page appear better placed when a keyword related to the product or brand is typed on google.

Being one of the main digital marketing strategies, the SEO agency aims to guarantee the increase of what we call organic traffic, a concept that we will explain below.

Organic traffic

There are two types of traffic that are considered in digital marketing. Traffic is the amount of people that access a page online in a given time. The more people who visit the page, the better the results in terms of sales.

Organic traffic, with which the SEO agency works , can be understood as the “natural” flow of people who type searches on the internet and end up accessing the site.

Thus, if the person searches for organic products stores, for example, the first pages that appear after their search on the websites, are the ones that are better ranked and, consequently, have better organic traffic.

It turns out that it is possible to optimize this ranking, greatly improving the position that the page occupies. For this, the SEO agency uses several strategies in order to increase organic traffic.

Paid traffic, in turn, is increased traffic through paid advertisements on the internet. It is possible to pay for ads on google, but also on Social Networks in order to redirect users to your page.

How the SEO agency works

The SEO agency , as its name says, works by studying search engines on the internet and ways to increase organic traffic through various digital marketing strategies.

Among the main strategies are:

  • Content creation

The creation of content suitable for the type of business can greatly optimize the ranking of the website. For this, the SEO agency usually has editors prepared to produce content that involves SEO strategies.

  • Keywords

Keywords are key elements for optimizing internet searches. When properly placed in the text and in the correct amount, the use of keywords can be one of the mechanisms that best rank e-commerce pages.

How to hire a good SEO agency

It is useless to delude yourself and believe that it is possible to combine all SEO strategies without counting on specialized professionals. That’s because there are many elements that involve a good digital marketing strategy.

Before hiring an SEO agency, check:

  • Clients for whom the agency works
  • The positioning of these companies on google
  • The agency’s own placement on google
  • Find out about the strategies the agency uses to increase organic traffic to your site
  • Check out how content creation works

As was said throughout the text, the SEO agency is of fundamental importance for those who want to sell and increase their traffic over the internet. It pays and a lot to hire good professionals!

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