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A thumb is a digit, but not technically a finger.​ Let’s look into whether or not you can accurately call your thumb a finger.​ Thumb refers to the first digit of the human hand, set apart and opposable to the other four digits of the hand. The definition for finger is as follows: 'each of the four slender jointed parts attached to either hand (or five, if the thumb is included)'.

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By Gogar - 20:01
The thumb has a very different muscular apparatus without multi-digit, multi-​tendon muscles that are involved in finger action (Moore, ).
By Moshakar - 23:00
The English word "finger" has two senses, even in the context of of the hand, specifically those other than the thumb.
By Douran - 10:38
Finger-like appearance. Specialty · Medical genetics, plastic surgery. Triphalangeal thumb (TPT) is a congenital malformation where the thumb has three phalanges.

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