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How to engage SEO

If you have a website, a blog or even a website, you need to understand a little about digital marketing and also know how to engage SEO.

If you still don’t know what SEO is, don’t despair, we will explain throughout this text so that you can understand the importance of this marketing strategy.

So, first of all, SEO is one of the main digital marketing strategies, it encompasses countless actions that are done so that you can occupy the top positions in search engines, such as Yahoo, Uol, Bing and especially Google.

Google mainly, since practically all internet users use only google as a search engine, are a total of 92% using only it, while the other 8% are divided among other search engines.

How important it is to occupy the best positions on Google

Occupying the top positions at Google means reaching a level of disclosure that did not happen before, not just disclosure, but when you are there among the top positions, your website, blog or page gains space in the market.

When your page is in the best positions, it becomes an authority page on the subject, as well as a reference, and counting thousands of visits per day.

We can say that Google’s first link options co-opt 30% of all Internet users, that is, 30% of the public access the first options, while only 0.78% proceed to the second page.

Putting you at the top of Google is what will give you more visibility on social networks, and throughout the process you will understand how engaging SEO is important for your business.

Want to know better how to engage SEO

If you want to know how to engage SEO, the first step is to have confidence, as it becomes the central component in the relevant searches of search browsers like Google. If you lack confidence, you have no relevance.

Trust is the basis of how to engage SEO, from what was said above, Google separates for you the most relevant links in relation to your search and places them at the top, trust in Google makes only 0.78 % go to page 2.

However, without visibility how will the public be able to interact with your content? If no one discovers your page, how are they going to share until it reaches the top of Google?

Obviously, in the beginning, everything is more complicated and you are starting in a world of giants, but there are other paths you can take to get to your goal faster.

Trust, you can be sure, is the key to your success on Google. When you leverage that understanding of trust, you can be successful with SEO and have a thriving online business, creating income streams and building your business successfully.

At the center of the equation, gaining relevance from Google comes through the very confidence you are going through, and it has three fundamental bases.

  • Age
  • Authority
  • Content

Within these bases mentioned above, there are more than 200 different factors that will know how to engage SEO, including the main search algorithms.

Site time, called age, over time builds a relationship of trust with Google, and that counts a lot to improve your trust.

Each time you understand how trust is needed to know how to engage SEO, you will understand how to work to build it in each of the 3 bases mentioned above.

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