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E-commerce SEO

The concept of e-commerce already encompasses an important facet of the market and you cannot talk about sales today without thinking about virtual means. Currently, any store or company, even if physical, certainly has its sales page or digital marketing.

In this way, SEO strategies become fundamental for the company to be easily found through search engines. Learn more about e-commerce SEO!

What is e-commerce

E-commerce is an abbreviation for electronic commerce. We can consider any transaction made over the internet as e-commerce. That way, we can talk about e-commerce SEO.

For e-commerce purchases, an electronic medium is necessarily used. The most used are cell phones and computers. In practice, e-commerce is a page on the Internet, website or store on the Social Network that allows you to make sales and close transactions.

The provision of services over the internet is also considered e-commerce and is among the fastest growing segments in the market, especially after the Covid pandemic 19.

Among the service providers that make up e-commerce, we can highlight online consultancies, lectures, product and service guidelines, among others.

Payment in e-commerce

With the solidification and expansion of internet sales, forms of electronic payment also need to be expanded, in order to ensure that sales happen, but also as a way of offering greater security to virtual buyers.

The credit card, which was already one of the most used means for physical purchases, expands a lot and e-commerce finds ways to make shopping on websites very safe for companies and users.

One of the security mechanisms that were developed from the expansion of e-commerce is the virtual credit card. This type of card was invented after the large number of frauds and cloning that occurred with credit cards in electronic sales.

Thus, financial institutions have developed a digital card with different numbering that can only be used for one purchase and once. After that purchase, it automatically becomes invalid. The card is issued by the bank electronically.

We can say, therefore, that e-commerce changes the way of carrying out transactions and directly influences the behavior of companies and consumers.

E-commerce SEO

SEO is a set of strategies that aim to optimize a page or website in search engines. In other words, e-commerce SEO is, in practice, a means of placing the page of the trade in question among the first when a user types a certain keyword in search engines.

The e-commerce SEO has already become one of the main focuses of study of digital marketing. That’s because marketing companies realized very quickly that the search engines on google and other search engines can be influenced through a set of strategies.

From there, e-commerce SEO go together in the world of digital marketing and it is one of the most recognized ways to increase traffic to digital commerce pages without paid ads.

SEO e-commerce strategies are quite efficient, but it can take some time to rank the page better on the internet. Therefore, when a company creates a website, it is suggested that it combines SEO strategies with paid traffic strategies, at least initially.

Now that you know more about e-commerce SEO, be sure to hire an excellent SEO analyst and place your e-commerce page among the first in search engines!

It is worth remembering that it is always possible to improve positioning and that the first pages that appear on search engines are proven to have the most intense customer traffic.

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