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5 tips on how to leverage your SEO

SEO strategies are one of the most important elements for digital marketing today. That’s because it is through 5 tips on how to leverage your SEO that your page can get the most hits and, consequently, increase sales.

Therefore, we have prepared 5 tips on how to leverage your SEO ! Check them all out and optimize your page on the internet search engines.

What is SEO

SEO is a set of strategies that aim to optimize a given page among search engines on the internet. In practice, this means placing the page among the best possible results when a search key is typed on google.

There are two types of search keys considered in SEO strategies:

  • Short tail words

Short- tailed are the generic words that we all type on google or other search engines when we are starting our searches for a product or brand.

These words are usually “tennis shoes” or “basketball shoes”.

For this type of keyword there is huge competition and only very large companies with large organic traffic can compete for the best places.

  • Long tail words

Long tails are the most specific search keys, when the user is already searching for something he knows a little about, advancing in searches. In general they are buses like “cheaper marathon running shoes”.

For this type of search it is much more possible to place a page among the best rankings. For that, the SEO experts work inserting search keys used for the product in order to optimize the placement of the page on the search engines.

See now the 5 tips to leverage your SEO!

To leverage your SEO and be well placed in google searches, we have separated 5 tips on how to leverage your SEO that will certainly increase your positioning!

  1. Choosing the best search keys

It is not enough to just place keywords in the text of a website at random, the search keys need to be inserted strategically.

The ideal is to use long-tail keywords, always using specific words, such as words used in each segment of the economy. It may also be appropriate to use keyword tools.

  1. The content needs to respond to the search

This means that there is no point in producing excellent content if it does not meet what was specified in the user’s search.

Therefore, one of the most important tips is to combine quality content with good keywords.

  1. Read the main results of your search

That way you get to know the main doubts of those who access this type of content, what they are looking for, what information is missing and how your product can solve these problems.

These questions are very important before creating the content of your page and choosing the keywords, but they are also important to guide all the digital marketing strategies that will come later.

  1. Keep your content updated

Nothing worse than accessing a website and not finding the information promised in the title, H1, or finding outdated content.

One of the most important factors is, therefore, to keep your website reliable and with content always updated.

  1. Delete “bad” content

Bad content is the type of content that is outdated or with incomplete information or very large or very short texts without the main information.

All this bad content needs to be deleted from your page and this is also one of the main strategies to increase SEO

Now that you’ve followed the 5 tips to leverage your SEO, start today to optimize your sales page and get the best results in the market! If necessary, seek help from an SEO agency!

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